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Niigata Stadium

Big Swan. That's how the Niigata Stadium is nicknamed. The nickname represents the soft roof that resembles the wings of a resting swan. The stadium was built on the border of the Toyano lagoon near Niigata which is a famous place where many swans retreat for the winter.

The stadium is a charming homage to the city and its beautiful territory. It was constructed by the Nikken Sekkei company and built according to a great reticular structure that is laid down on the slightly waved tribunes.

Two pairs of large steel and reticular arches intersect at the four corners of the stadium and form the main structure of the roof together with a reticular ring that follows the course of the tiers going the full length of the superior border.

The supporting beams that connect the arches and the ring have different lengths in order to connect the rectangular and internal profile with the circular and external perimeter. They define twenty spans including a series of smaller cross-sectional arches and plot as many in the form of a shell. The latter determines the look of the roof which is fabricated from a white membrane of semi-transparent teflon.

The stadium consists of 42 700 seats divided over two levels of continuous tiers which are all covered by the wings of the Big Swan.

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