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Estádio Alvalade XXI

Estádio Alvalade XXI Stadium was designed by architect Tomás Taveira and has a design that is vibrant and colourful. The stadium served as one of the hosting venues for the Euro 2004 tournament.

The roof which is suspended on tie-biems of four big inclining pillars seems to gently fluctuate above the stadium's tiers.

The colours are protagonists both on the interior and exterior of the stadium. They have been carefully selected to assign a certain identity to the stadium. Yellow colours the structural parts of the stadium, highlighted by metallic and angular pillars, supporting beams, pillars of the tiers, and egdes at the inner border of the roof.

Inside the stadium, yellow underlines the main walk ways, while the polychromy of the many colourful seats seize one's attention and gives a feeling of motion that generates an endearing visual effect. The seats contain different sharp colours that have been randomly placed.

The stadium contains numerous infrastructures that are situated below the tribunes in seven levels. They contribute to making the stadium highly functional and suitable for hosting many events, both sports and concerts. The multicoloured seats enhance the atmosphere to make the stadium look like an elegant picture frame.

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