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Estádio Municipal Dr. Magalhães Pessoa

Estádio Municipal Dr. Magalhães Pessoa Stadium intends to valorize its surrounding territory with a part of the stadium that opens towards the scenery and another part that shows the defence wall of a medieval castle dominating the city.

The project, created by architect Tomás Taveira, consists of continous tiers that run a wavy course. The tiers are highest at the main stands (in the center of the stadium) and gently wind down in corrispondence with the South stand behind one of the goals. This leaves an opening towards the city, the woods and the castle that overlooks the magnificent stadium.

The roof follows the course of the tiers which are placed according to an elliptical framework that is brusquely interrupted at the North stand. The North stand contained a temporary and uncovered tribune that ran parallel to one of the playing field's short sides. After the Euro 2004 tournament, the tribune was demolished to leave space for a commercial centre and hotel. In addition, an athletics track was built completing the elliptical framework. As a consequence, the stadium's capacity was dropped by 5 000 seats. The seats are different colours and are randomly placed. This makes the stadium look funny.

The use of different tint colours characterizes the entire stadium. The roof is constructed with a transparent material that has external light filtrated which makes the yellow colour of the metallic structure stand out. The roof seems to float on the tiers however it is hanging on steel tie-beams (in blue) and tall pennons (in red) that are only located above the main tribunes. The external perimeter is characterized by squared panels of lively tints placed on a natural white background separated by the red metallic pillars.

The well-balanced use of different colours is also evident throughout the stadium. Five levels consisting of several internal rooms provide numerous services to the audience such as restaurants and commercial activities.

The stadium serves as a multi-functional building where sports of every kind can be played, including track and field, and also were music concerts are held often providing a wonderful scenery and a colourful background.

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