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Stadio San Nicola

Stadio San Nicola Stadium was planned by architect Renzo Piano to spring out of the ground in the south-west peripheral of Bari and was constructed to host the 1990 World Cup tournament.

The stadium itself resembles a flower carefully laid down on the Puglia plains. To create this particular design the stadium consists of 26 'petals' and upper tiers of the higher ring which are separated by 8 meter empty spaces, sufficient to guarantee satisfactory security conditions.

The tribunes were constructed on two levels with the higher ring completely detached from the lower one. The stadium is accessed by the upper tribune which is raised by three meters from ground level of the artificial hillock. This design also gives a strong feeling of lightness despite the fact that the entire stadium was constructed of reinforced concrete.

The spaces that separate the higher ring, generating the petals, create a visual relation with the surrounding territory. Moreover, the cover made of semi-transparent teflon does not break this harmony.

The stadium is also called 'l'Astronave' (The Spaceship), because it is perceived as a majestic object that looks as if it were detached from land. Furthermore, the steps that lead to the separated upper tiers create an effect that the spaceship is ready to land.

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