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Estádio Municipal de Aveiro

Estádio Municipal de Aveiro Stadium has an ambitious design that combines a simple and endearing shape with a liveliness of colours of every kind throughout the entire stadium. Therefore, the stadium conveys a sensation of jolliness that has a positive effect on the celebration of sports events.

It was the intuition of architect Tomás Taveira to introduce intense tonality colours to the exterior of the stadium and to subsequently give a feeling of motion and a spectacular visual effect. Therefore, the stadium resembles a big toy for children with lots a coloured parts gathered together.

The stadium's polychromy and dynamism is also reflected on the interior where four tribunes contain a curvilinear profile and multicoloured seats that characterize the stadium. The seats have different colours that are distributed in a random way. Red, green, yellow, blue, white, and black seats offer an original and chromatic animation and a strong feeling of dynamism and cheerfulness - even when the stadium is empty it looks as if the party has already started!

The intentional use of different colours is also reflected in the most detailed aspects, from the entrance gates, to the pillars and supporting beams. Even the walls at the inner ambience are coloured.

The roof also contributes to the harmonization process by making the stadium look like a big toy. It contains sharply red steel pylons that uphold sky-blue edges. From a more formal point of view, the slightly waved roof unifies the curved course of the underlying tribunes that offer a nice view over the pylons and its steel tie-beams.

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