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Amsterdam ArenA

The Amsterdam ArenA was the first European stadium built with a mobile roof. It represents the main characteristic of the stadium.

The roof is a big structure based on two cross-haired arches on the outside. They are connected to two longitudinal beams that are fixed in correspondence with the playing field's rectangle. Along the arches, semi-transparent panels can flow to completely close the stadium. The operation takes 5 to 30 minutes depending on the urgency of completion. So, the stadium can be completely closed to host big events, including non-sportive events like rock concerts.

The stadium has a 51 324 seating capacity, well divided along two rings that are close to the playing field. The upper ring is continuous while the lower ring is elegantly interrupted in the four corners of the stadium. The created spaces serve as exit gates and are well harmonized with the overall design of the stadium.

The stadium has a total height of 77 meters (253 feet) and appears as an imposing structure. The playing field heightens 9 meters (30 feet) in respect of the ground level. Underneath the stadium, an important highway passes that connects the Bijlmer quarter (in which the stadium is situated) to the west side of the city.

The Amsterdam ArenA was projected by architects Rob Schuurman and Sjoerd Soeters. They had the roof structure built first which created a big and uncommon empty space at the inside of the stadium. In successive phases, the stands were built and coloured seats were put in place to determine the current lay-out of the stadium.

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