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Stadium Book

This book guides you through the world of stadiums. It makes you discover the fascination of stadiums - their stories and architecture - making you experience sportive emotions. Due to the fact that a stadium is not simply a background, it's an event by itself, both sportive and architectural, an impregnable bulwark or a symbol of a club, a reflex of the culture and a protagonist of a city.

Containing 90 stadiums - as many as the minutes in a football (soccer) match - not necessarily are the most "beautiful", but for sure the most significant ones, which have been chosen according to their architectural quality, importance assumed during time to run through football's global and continental history again.

The book gathers all the World Cup finals stadiums, as well as the Euro Cup Finals, the Champions League finals, and also the ones of the dignifying Olympic flambeau, not forgetting the South American ones that are the temples where dribbling overrules and where the atmosphere is more passionate and warm-hearted than anywhere else in the world.

It makes you discover the stories of rivalry and football curiosities in stadiums that are examples of esthetical elegancy and technological innovations, and that have marked the fundamental stages of a process that is still in motion.

The book also describes important facts like the 1989 Taylor Report, which set new guiding lines for European stadiums after the Sheffield tragedy, dramatic facts, both sportive and political, like the Heysel tragedy or the detention of thousands of political opponents in the Nacional Stadium of Santiago, Chile.

In addition, the book presents the influential architectural designs of the temples of football (soccer) like the old Wembley, the Maracanã, the San Siro and the Santiago Bernabéu, also including the newer constructions of the World Cup 2002 (in Japan and South Korea), the Euro 2004 (in Portugal) and the Olympics 2004 (in Athens, Greece) continuing with stadiums that still need to be realized but that are already indicative of new tendencies, such as the stadiums that are being built for the World Cup 2006 in Germany and the ones for Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland.

TitleStadi del Mondo (Italian)
Stades du Monde (French)
Voetbal Tempels (Dutch)
Estadios del Mundo (Spanish)
AuthorAngelo Spampinato
EditorGribaudo (Italian version)
Tectum (French and Dutch versions)
H-Kliczowski (Spanish versions)
Format140x190 mm
DateJune 2004

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