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About the Icons
Arena Football    Arena Football (United States)

Athletics    Athletics

Aussie Rules    Aussie Rules (Australian Football)

Badminton    Badminton

Bandy    Bandy

Baseball    Baseball, Softball

Basketball    Basketball

Bullfight-use    Bullfight-use

Cricket    Cricket

Cycling    Cycling

Fencing    Fencing

Fighting    Fighting

Football    Football (American)

Football    Football (Soccer)

Gaelic Football/Hurling    Gaelic Football/Hurling (Ireland)

Gymnastics    Gymnastics
Handball    Handball

Hockey    Hockey

Horse Racing    Horse Racing

Ice-hockey    Ice-hockey

Ice-skating    Ice-skating

Indoor Soccer    Indoor Football (Soccer)

Indoor Sports    Indoor Sports

Multi-use    Multi-use

Polo    Polo

Race-use    Race-use

Rugby    Rugby

Ski-jumping    Ski-jumping

Swimming    Swimming

Tennis    Tennis

Volleyball    Volleyball

Weightlifting    Weightlifting
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