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About You!

World Stadiums strongly relies on its fans and visitors to achieve its main goal, namely being the most comprehensive stadium website on the Internet. We sincerely would like to thank every single person who provided us with stadium information and/or stadium pictures sofar, and we would like to invite you to help us further!

Stadium Information

Fortunately, stadiums exhibit a fixed character. Rarely is a stadium being (re)built, redeveloped, or even demolished. However, on a global basis, we continously have to add and correct stadium information. If there is any way you could contribute to keep World Stadiums up to date, we would more than appreciate your input. Note that our easy information structure enables us to quickly add new information or modify existing information.

Stadium Pictures

Stadium pictures are important as they give an interesting impression of the information database. Although we maintain high quality standards, we try to add as many pictures as possible. Therefore, please do not hesitate to send us stadium pictures or to direct us to websites where we might find pictures to be added upon agreement.

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