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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
SURNational StadiumMulti-useParamariboAndré Kamperveen Stadion6 000-all-seater 
SURSV TransvaalFootballParamariboAndré Kamperveen Stadion6 000-all-seater 
SURSV RobinhoodFootballParamariboAndré Kamperveen Stadion6 000-all-seater 
SURWalking Boyz CompanyFootballParamariboAndré Kamperveen Stadion6 000-all-seater 
SURSV Leo VictorFootballParamariboDr. Ir. Franklin Essed Stadion3 500-all-seater 
SURSuper Red EaglesFootballParamariboDr. Ir. Franklin Essed Stadion3 500-all-seater 
SURSV CosmosFootballParamariboDr. Ir. Franklin Essed Stadion3 500-all-seater 
SURPrakashFootballNieuw NickerieNickerie Voetbal Stadion3 400-- 
SURFootball-useFootballParamariboN.G.G.B. Stadion3 100-- 
SURNational TeamMulti-useParamariboNational Indoor Stadion3 000-all-seater 
SURInter MoengotapoeFootballMoengoRonnie Brunswijk Stadion3 000-- 
SURFootball-useFootballParamariboGeorge Streepe Stadion3 000-- 
SURKamal DewakerFootballLivornoEddy Blackman Stadion2 000-- 
SURTakdier BoysFootballLivornoEddy Blackman Stadion2 000-- 
SURJay HanumanFootballLivornoEddy Blackman Stadion2 000-- 
SURSV NotchFootballMoengoMoengo Stadion2 000-- 
SURFCS NacionalFootballParamariboNacionello Stadion1 500-- 
SURSV VoorwaartsFootballParamariboVoorwaartsveld1 500-- 
SURSV Hanna's LustFootballHanna's LustGeorge Deul Complex1 000-- 
SURThe BrothersFootballCoronieLetitia Vriesde Sportcomplex1 000-- 
SURSV ExcelsiorFootballMeerzorgMeerzorg Stadion1 000-- 
SURSV BoskampFootballGroningenJ. Eliazer Stadion1 000-- 
SURBoma StarFootballDe HutDe Hut Veld1 000-- 
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