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Stadiums in Turkey
Southern East Anatolia
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
TURSanliurfasporFootballSanliurfaGAP Arena30 0002008all-seater 
TURGaziantepsporFootballGaziantepKamil Ocak Stadi16 9811974all-seater 
TURGaziantep BBFootballGaziantepKamil Ocak Stadi16 9811974all-seater 
TURDiyarbakirsporFootballDiyarbakirDiyarbakir Atatürk Stadi12 9631960all-seater 
TURSiirt Jet-Pa SKFootballSiirtSiirt Atatürk Stadi7 000-5 000 
TURHorse-Racing useHorse-Racing useSanliurfaSanliurfa Hipodromu5 000-800 
TURFootball-useFootballBatman6 Mayis Stadi5 000-- 
TURSirnaksporFootballSirnakSirnak Sehir Stadi2 4001999- 
TURCizresporFootballCizreCizre Ilce Stadi2 4001998- 
TURSilopisporFootballSilopiSilopi Ilce Stadi2 4001994- 
TURIndoor SportsIndoor SportsErganiErgani Spor Salonu1 5002002all-seater 
TURBasketball-useBasketballCizreCizre Spor Salonu1 5001997all-seater 
TURBasketball-useBasketballDiyarbakirZiya Gokalp1 3001960all-seater 
TURSilvansporFootballSilvanSilvan Stadi1 0001968- 
TURSwimming-useSwimmingBatmanOlimpik Yuzme Havuzu1 000-- 
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