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Stadiums in Turkey
Black Sea
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
TURTrabzonsporFootballTrabzonHüseyin Avni Aker Stadi22 7491951all-seater 
TURSamsunsporFootballSamsunSamsun 19 Mayis Stadi19 000-all-seater 
TURZonguldaksporFootballZonguldakK. Kemal Koksal Stadi18 000-5 000 
TURGiresunsporFootballGiresunGiresun Atatürk Stadi17 0001981- 
TURCaykur RizesporFootballRizeRize Sehir Stadi15 1972009all-seater 
TURKardemir KarabüksporFootballKarabükDr. N. Seyhoglu Stadi14 0002014all-seater 
TUROrdusporFootballOrdu19 Eylül Stadi14 000-- 
TURÜnyesporFootballOrduIlce Stadi10 0002011all-seater 
TURCorumsporFootballCorumTurhan Kiliccioglu Stadi9 00019492 100 
TURBolusporFootballBoluBolu Atatürk Stadi8 000-- 
TURTokatsporFootballTokatGaziosmanpasa Stadi7 5001984- 
TURTrabzonspor BKBasketballTrabzonHayri Gür Spor Salonu7 5002011all-seater 
TURBasketball-useBasketballSamsunYasar Dogu Spor Salonu7 500-all-seater 
TURAkçaabat SebatsporFootballAkçaabatFatih Stadi6 200-3 000 
TURCankirisporFootballCankiriCankiri Atatürk Stadi5 000-- 
TURArtvinsporFootballArtvinArtvin Sehir Stadi5 000-250 
TURGümüshane SKFootballGümüshaneGümüshane Atatürk Stadi5 0001999all-seater 
TURDuzcesporFootballDuzce18 Temmuz Stadi4 250-- 
TURKastamonusporFootballKastamonuGazi Stadi4 0001984- 
TURFatsasporFootballFatsaFatsa Sehir Stadi3 500-- 
TURPazarsporFootballPazarTuran Tan Stadi3 0001999- 
TURBasketball-useBasketballTokatHuseyin Akbas Sporsalonu2 5001984all-seater 
TURArtvin HopasporFootballHopaHopa Sehir Stadi2 50019991 000 
TURBasketball-useBasketballGiresunGiresun 19 Mayis2 5001979all-seater 
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