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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
PSENational StadiumFootballRamPalestine Stadium23 0002008- 
PSEShabab Al-Dhahiriya SCFootballHebronDura International Stadium18 0001965- 
PSEHilal Ariha SCFootballJerichoJericho Int'l Stadium15 0001996- 
PSEFootball-useFootballGaza CityPalestine Stadium9 0001999- 
PSESporting ClubFootballGaza CityYarmouk Stadium9 0001952- 
PSEKhader SCFootballAl-KhaderKhader Stadium6 0002007- 
PSEAl-Bireh YIFootballAl-BirehMajed Ass'ad Stadium6 0001997- 
PSEShabab El-KhalilFootballHebronHussein Stadium5 0001940- 
PSEAhli ClubFootballHebronHussein Stadium5 0001940- 
PSEQalqilya Ahli ClubFootballQalqilyaMunicipal Stadium5 0001999- 
PSEShabab ClubFootballDeir El-BalahDurrah Stadium5 0002004- 
PSEHitteen FCFootballNablusMunicipal Stadium4 0001950- 
PSEIttihad FCFootballNablusMunicipal Stadium4 0001950- 
PSEShabab NablusFootballNablusMunicipal Stadium4 0001950- 
PSETulkarem CC/YCFootballTulkaremJamal Ghanem4 0002006- 
PSEShabab ClubFootballKhan-YounisNasser Stadium4 0001952- 
PSEKhan-Younis YCFootballKhan-YounisNasser Stadium4 0001952- 
PSEFootball-useFootballJeninArab American Uni'ty Stadium4 0002014- 
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