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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
KWTNational StadiumMulti-useKuwait CityJaber Al-Ahmad Int'l Stadium65 0002009all-seater 
KWTKazma SCFootballKuwait CityAl-Sadaqua Walsalam21 500-all-seater 
KWTAl-QadisiyahFootballKuwait CityMohammed Al-Hamad18 000-all-seater 
KWTAl-ShababFootballAl-AhmadiAl-Ahmadi Stadium18 000-all-seater 
KWTAl-Kuwayt SCFootballKuwait CityNational Stadium16 000-all-seater 
KWTMulti-useMulti-useKuwait CityUniversity Stadium16 000-all-seater 
KWTAl-NasrFootballKuwait CityJalib ash Shuyukh15 000-all-seater 
KWTAs-SalimiyahFootballAs-SalimiyahThamer Stadium14 000-all-seater 
KWTAl-TadamonFootballAl-FarwaniyahAl-Farwaniyah Stadium14 000-all-seater 
KWTAl-YarmukFootballMeshrefMeshref Stadium12 000-all-seater 
KWTKhitanFootballKhitanAbraq Khitan Stadium3 000-all-seater 
KWTAl-SahelFootballAbu HulayfahAbu Hulayfah Stadium2 000-all-seater 
KWTAl-FuhayhilFootballAl-FuhayhilAl-Fuhayhil Stadium1 000-all-seater 
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