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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
IRQNational StadiumMulti-useBasraBasra International Stadium65 0002013all-seater 
IRQNational StadiumMulti-useBaghdadAl Shaab Stadium40 0001966all-seater 
IRQAl-Zawra'a SCFootballBaghdadAl Shaab Stadium40 0001966all-seater 
IRQKarbalaa FCFootballKarbalaKarbala Stadium30 0002016all-seater 
IRQKirkuk FCFootballKirkukKirkuk Olympic Stadium30 0001982- 
IRQDuhok FCFootballDuhokAl Duhok Stadium30 000-- 
IRQAl-Najaf FCFootballNajafNew Najaf Stadium30 0002018all-seater 
IRQAn Nasiriyah FCFootballAn NasiriyahAn Nasiriyah Stadium30 0002018all-seater 
IRQMosul FCFootballMosulAl Mosul University Stadium30 0002018all-seater 
IRQMaysan FCFootballAl AmarahMaysan Stadium25 0001987- 
IRQArbil FCFootballArbilFranso Hariri Stadium20 0001992- 
IRQZakho FCFootballZakhoZakho International Stadium20 000-all-seater 
IRQAl Sulaimaniya FCFootballSulaimaniyaAl Sulaimniya Stadium15 000-- 
IRQSamawah FCFootballSamawahSamawah Stadium15 000-all-seater 
IRQAsh Shorta FCFootballBaghdadAl Kashafa Stadium12 000-- 
IRQMina'a FCFootballBasraAl Fayhaa Stadium10 0002013all-seater 
IRQAs Sulaimaniya FCFootballSulaimaniyaHalabja Stadium10 0002010all-seater 
IRQAl Sina'a FCFootballBaghdadAl Sina'a Stadium10 000-- 
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