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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
EGYSmouha SCFootballAlexandriaBorg el Arab Stadium86 0002006all-seater 
EGYAl Ittihad ACFootballAlexandriaBorg el Arab Stadium86 0002006all-seater 
EGYAl Ahly SCFootballCairoCairo Int'l Stadium74 1001960all-seater 
EGYZamalek SCFootballCairoCairo Int'l Stadium74 1001960all-seater 
EGYOlympic El Qanah FCFootballSuezMubarak Stadium45 0002008all-seater 
EGYArab Contractors SCFootballCairoO.A. Osman Stadium35 000-all-seater 
EGYTelefonatFootballBani EbidBani Ebid Stadium30 000-all-seater 
EGYMilitary Production SCFootballCairoMilitary Production Stadium30 0002009all-seater 
EGYWadi Degla FCFootballCairo30 June Stadium30 000-all-seater 
EGYEl Dakhleya FCFootballCairo30 June Stadium30 000-all-seater 
EGYEl GeishFootballCairoMilitary Academy Stadium28 5001989all-seater 
EGYAsmant El-SuweisFootballSuezSuez Stadium25 000-all-seater 
EGYPetrojet FCFootballSuezSuez Stadium25 000-all-seater 
EGYAl-Masry SCFootballSuezSuez Stadium25 000-all-seater 
EGYSekka el HadeedFootballCairoSekka el Hadeed Stadium25 000-all-seater 
EGYEl Sharkia SCFootballZagazigUniversity Stadium25 000-all-seater 
EGYHaras El-Hodood SCFootballAlexandriaHaras El Hedood Stadium22 500-all-seater 
EGYEl Raja Marsa MatruhFootballAlexandriaHaras El Hedood Stadium22 500-all-seater 
EGYAswan SCFootballAswanAswan Stadium20 000-all-seater 
EGYIndoor SportsIndoor SportsCairoThe Covered Hall20 0001991all-seater 
EGYEl Sharqeya SCFootballZagazigZagazig Stadium20 000-all-seater 
EGYGhazl Al-MehallaFootballEl MahallaEl Mahalla Stadium20 000-all-seater 
EGYEl Shams SCFootballCairoEl Shams Stadium20 000-all-seater 
EGYMisr El MakasaFootballFayoumFayoum Stadium20 000-all-seater 
EGYTanta SCFootballTantaTanta Stadium20 000-all-seater 
EGYSohag FCFootballSohagSohag Stadium19 000-all-seater 
EGYEl Minya FCFootballSohagSohag Stadium19 000-all-seater 
EGYIsmaili FCFootballIsmailiaIsmailia Stadium18 525-all-seater 
EGYEl MasryFootballPort SaidPort Said Stadium18 0001954all-seater 
EGYEl MansouraFootballEl MansouraEl Mansoura Stadium18 000-all-seater 
EGYFootball-useFootballAsiutAsiut University Stadium16 0002005all-seater 
EGYENPPI ClubFootballCairoPetro Sport Stadium16 0002006all-seater 
EGYTersana SCFootballGizaMit Okba Stadium15 000-all-seater 
EGYBeni Sweif SCFootballGizaMit Okba Stadium15 000-all-seater 
EGYDomiat FCFootballDomiatDomiat Stadium15 000-all-seater 
EGYEl-OlympiFootballAlexandriaEzzedin Yacoub Stadium15 000-all-seater 
EGYFootball-useFootballBeni SuefBeni Suef Stadium14 000-all-seater 
EGYUnion AlexandriaFootballAlexandriaAlexandria Stadium13 6601929all-seater 
EGYEl Gouna FCFootballEl GounaEl Gouna Stadium12 0002009all-seater 
EGYFootball-useFootballIsmailiaSuez Canal Stadium10 000-all-seater 
EGYFootball-useFootballCairoMukhtar el Tetsh Stadium10 000-all-seater 
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