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Stadiums in Poland
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
POLNational StadiumFootballWarszawaStadion Narodowy58 1452011all-seater 
POLKP Legia WarszawaFootballWarszawaPepsi Arena31 8002010all-seater 
POLWisla PlockFootballPlockStadion K. Gorskiego12 7981973all-seater 
POLGwardia WarszawaFootballWarszawaStadion Gwardia9 0001948224 
POLZnicz PruszkowFootballPruszkowStadion Znicza8 0001923all-seater 
POLMGMZKS KozieniceFootballKozieniceStadion MGMZKS-u8 0001974500 
POLHutnik WarszawaFootballWarszawaStadion Hutnik7 0001957all-seater 
POLPolonia WarszawaFootballWarszawaStadion Polonia6 20019124 000 
POLPolonia SlubiceFootballSlubiceStadion Polonii6 00019455 000 
POLMulti-useMulti-useMlawaStadion Miejski6 0001975- 
POLMKS MlawaFootballMlawaStadion MKS-u5 0001923- 
POLNarew OstrolekaFootballOstrolekaStadion Pilkarski5 000-2 785 
POLPogon SiedlceFootballSiedlceStadion Pogoni5 00019441 000 
POLHorse-Riding useHorse RidingWarszawaTorwar4 8381953all-seater 
POLMG MZKS KozieniceMulti-useKozieniceStadion Miejski4 7002004all-seater 
POLTennis-useTennisWarszawaKorty Warszawianki4 400-all-seater 
POLSwit N.D.M.FootballNowy Dwór M.Stadion Swit4 0001935all-seater 
POLKS WarszawiankaAthleticsWarszawaStadion Warszawianki4 0001928all-seater 
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