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Stadiums in the
F.Y.R. Macedonia
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
MKDNational StadiumMulti-useSkopjePhilip II Arena33 4601947all-seater 
MKDFK RabotnickiFootballSkopjePhilip II Arena33 4601947all-seater 
MKDFK VardarFootballSkopjePhilip II Arena33 4601947all-seater 
MKDFK PobedaFootballPrilepGoce Delcev Stadium15 000-4 200 
MKDFK TeteksFootballTetovoGradski Stadium Tetovo12 000-all-seater 
MKDKF Shkendija 79FootballTetovoGradski Stadium Tetovo12 000-all-seater 
MKDFK Renova DzhepchisteFootballTetovoGradski Stadium Tetovo12 000-all-seater 
MKDIndoor SportsIndoor SportsSkopjeBoris Trajkovski Arena10 0002008all-seater 
MKDFK Milano KumanovoFootballKumanovoMilano Arena7 000-- 
MKDKK OhridBasketballOhridBiljanini Izvori Sports Hall7 000-- 
MKDKK MZT SkopjeBasketballSkopjeSC Jane Sandanski6 5002014all-seater 
MKDZRK Vardar SkopjeHandballSkopjeSC Jane Sandanski6 5002014all-seater 
MKDFK BelasicaFootballStrumicaMladost Stadium6 370-all-seater 
MKDPelisterFootballBitolaTumbe Kafe Stadium6 100-4 100 
MKDBorecFootballVelesCity Stadium Veles6 000-nil 
MKDOrkaBasketballKavadarciKavadarci Arena6 000-- 
MKDFK TikvesFootballKavadarciCity Stadium Kavadarci5 000-3 000 
MKDNapredok KicevoFootballKicevoCity Stadium Kicevo5 000-- 
MKDKK VardarBasketballSkopjeKale Arena5 000-- 
MKDFK BregalnicaFootballStipCity Stadium Stip5 000-- 
MKDFK SlogaFootballSkopjeCair Stadium4 500-2 800 
MKDFK OsogovoFootballKocaniNikola Mantov Stadium4 35019808 000 
MKDRK PelisterHandballBitolaSports Hall Mladost4 2001975all-seater 
MKDRK BitolaHandballBitolaSports Hall Mladost4 2001975all-seater 
MKDKK PelisterBasketballBitolaSports Hall Mladost4 2001975all-seater 
MKDFK SkopjeFootballSkopjeZelezarnica Stadium4 000-nil 
MKDAluminaFootballSkopjeIlinden Stadium4 000-- 
MKDZito VardarBasketballVeles25 Mai Arena4 000-- 
MKDKK Strumica 2005BasketballStrumicaStrumica Park4 000-- 
MKDKK KumanovoBasketballKumanovoKumanovo Arena4 000-- 
MKDKK Rabotnicki SkopjeBasketballSkopjeGradski Park3 500-- 
MKDPetrov SkopjeFootballSkopjeGorce Petrov3 000-nil 
MKDMakedonija GorceFootballSkopjeGorce Petrov3 000-nil 
MKDFK Ohrid 2001FootballOhridBiljanini Izvori Stadium3 000-all-seater 
MKDFK SileksFootballKratovoSileks Stadium3 000-2 500 
MKDBalkan StilBasketballSkopjeAvtokomanda Arena3 000-- 
MKDNikol FertBasketballGostivarMladost Arena3 000-- 
MKDFK Cementarnica 55FootballSkopjeCementarnica Stadium2 000-nil 
MKDFK SasaFootballM. KamenicaSasa Stadium2 000-nil 
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