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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
LUXNational StadiumMulti-useLuxembourgStade Josy Barthel8 100-all-seater 
LUXFC Differdingen 03FootballDifferdingenStade du Thillenberg6 3001921300 
LUXRFC Union LuxembourgFootballLuxembourgStade Achille Hammerel5 8141927814 
LUXAS La Jeunesse d'EschFootballEsch s. AlzetteStade de la Frontière5 09019201 090 
LUXFC AvenirFootballBeggenStade Henri Dunant4 830-830 
LUXFC Swift HesperFootballHespérangeStade Alphonse Theis4 100-600 
LUXCS GrevenmacherFootballGrevenmacherOp Flohr Stadion4 000-500 
LUXCS Fola EschFootballEsch s. AlzetteStade Emile Mayrisch3 826-826 
LUXUS MondorfFootballMondorf-les-BainsStadion John Grün3 600-600 
LUXFC Rodange 91FootballRodangeStade Jos Philippart3 400-400 
LUXFC MondercangeFootballMondercangeStade Communal3 304-- 
LUXFC Schifflange 95FootballSchifflangeStade Denis Netgen3 100-300 
LUXFC Differdingen 03FootballDifferdangeStade Municipal3 0002012- 
LUXUS RumelangeFootballRumelangeStade Municipal2 950-450 
LUXProgrès NiedercornFootballNiedercornStade Joseph Haupert2 800-800 
LUXFC RM Hamm BenficaFootballLuxembourgFetschenhof-Cents Stadion2 800-300 
LUXSporting MertzigFootballMertzigStadion an de Burwiesen2 800-- 
LUXRFC Union LuxembourgFootballBonnevoieStade Camille Polfer2 740-all-seater 
LUXF 91 DudelangeFootballDudelangeStade Jos Nosbaum2 558-1 558 
LUXFC Koeppchen WormeldangeFootballWormeldangeStadion Am Ga2 500-- 
LUXCS PétangeFootballPétangeStade Municipal2 400-400 
LUXAlliance ÄischdallFootballHobscheidKoericherberg Stadion2 400-- 
LUXRFC Union LuxembourgFootballLuxembourgHollerich Stadion2 120-- 
LUXFC EtzellaFootballEttelbruckDeich Stadion2 10219811 102 
LUXFC Wiltz 71FootballWiltzGetzt Stadion2 000-- 
LUXFC The BelvalFootballBelvauxStade FC The Belval2 000-- 
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