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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
LVANational TeamIce-hockeyRígaArena Riga12 500200610 300 
LVAASK RigaBasketballRígaArena Riga12 500200610 300 
LVABarons/LMTBasketballRígaArena Riga12 500200610 300 
LVANational TeamFootballRígaSkonto Stadions8 2072000all-seater 
LVAFK SkontoFootballRígaSkonto Stadions8 2072000all-seater 
LVAIndoor SportsIndoor SportsRigaArena Skonto6 5002006all-seater 
LVAIndoor SportsIndoor SportsRigaRigas Sporta pils5 50019705 000 
LVAFHK Liepajas MetalurgsFootballLiepajaDaugava Stadions5 083-4 573 
LVAOlimps RigaFootballRígaDaugava Stadions5 00819584 588 
LVAFK RígaFootballRígaLatvijas Universitates5 000-- 
LVAFC DinaburgFootballDaugavpilsCeltnieks Stadions5 000-2 570 
LVAFK VentspilsFootballVentspilsOlimpiskais Centrs3 085-all-seater 
LVABK VentspilsBasketballVentspilsOC Basketbola Zale3 040-all-seater 
LVAFK RezekneFootballRezeknePilsetas Stadions3 000-- 
LVARKB-Arma RígaFootballRígaJurnieks Stadions2 200-200 
LVAFK ValmieraFootballValmieraJana Dalina Stadions2 000-- 
LVAFK AudaFootballRígaAlberta Seibela Stadions2 000-- 
LVAFK AlbertsFootballRígaAlberta Seibela Stadions2 000-- 
LVARanto/MiksFootballRígaKeizarmezhs Stadions2 000-- 
LVAHK ZemgaleIce-hockeyJelgavaJelgavas Ledus Halle2 000-800 
LVAHK LatgaleIce-hockeyDaugavpilsDaugavpils Ledus Halle1 98419991 234 
LVAFHK Liepajas MetalurgsIce-hockeyLiepajaMetalurgs Ledus Halle1 70019981 143 
LVAHK Riga 2000Ice-hockeyRigaSiemens Ledus Halle1 500-all-seater 
LVAHK KurbadsIce-hockeyRigaSiemens Ledus Halle1 500-all-seater 
LVAHK LavinaIce-hockeyAizkraukleAizkraukles Ledus Halle1 50020011 000 
LVAASK/OgreIce-hockeyOgreVidzemes Ledus Halle1 500-- 
LVAHK RitausmaIce-hockeyOgreVidzemes Ledus Halle1 500-- 
LVASK OzollapasIce-hockeyVentspilsOC Ventspils Ledus Halle1 0002000all-seater 
LVAVenta 2002Ice-hockeyVentspilsOC Ventspils Ledus Halle1 0002000all-seater 
LVATalsu HKIce-hockeyTalsiTalsu Ledus Halle1 000-- 
LVAIce-hockey-useIce-hockeyRigaHokeja Skola Riga1 000-- 
LVAHK SagaIce-hockeyRigaDaugavas Ledus Arena1 000-- 
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