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Stadiums in Italy
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
ITASSC NapoliFootballNapoliStadio San Paolo60 2401959all-seater 
ITASalernitana Calcio 1919FootballSalernoStadio Arechi37 8941991all-seater 
ITAUS AvellinoFootballAvellinoStadio Partenio29 1501973all-seater 
ITASS Cavese 1919FootballCava de' TirreniStadio S. Lamberti15 2001970all-seater 
ITAFC Savoia 1908FootballTorre AnnunziataStadio Alfredo Giraud12 5001920all-seater 
ITAUS Casertana 1908FootballCasertaStadio Alberto Pinto12 0001936all-seater 
ITABenevento CalcioFootballBeneventoStadio Santa Colomba11 5001979all-seater 
ITASS Juve StabiaFootballCastellammareStadio Romeo Menti10 4001984all-seater 
ITAASC Ebolitana 1925FootballEboliStadio José Dirceu10 0002001all-seater 
ITAMulti-useMulti-useSalernoStadio Donato Vestuti9 0001932all-seater 
ITASS Calcio GiuglianoFootballGiuglianoStadio A. de Cristofaro9 0002001all-seater 
ITASSD InternapoliFootballNapoliStadio Arturo Collana8 000-all-seater 
ITAASD BattipaglieseFootballBattipagliaStadio Luigi Pastena7 0001989all-seater 
ITAAG Nocerina 1910FootballNocera InferioreStadio San Francesco6 8521970all-seater 
ITAIndoor SportsIndoor SportsEboliPalaSele6 000-all-seater 
ITAPaganese Calcio 1926FootballPaganiComunale Marcello Torre5 9811976all-seater 
ITASS Felice ScandoneBasketballAvellinoPalasport del Mauro5 700-all-seater 
ITAPhard NapoliBasketballNapoliPalaBarbuto5 5002003all-seater 
ITAMartos NapoliBasketballNapoliPalaBarbuto5 5002003all-seater 
ITAAS Palmese CalcioFootballPalma CampaniaStadio Comunale5 500-all-seater 
ITAFC Turris 1944FootballTorre del GrecoStadio Amerigo Liguori5 3001952all-seater 
ITAASDA Puteolana 2008FootballPozzuoliStadio Domenico Conte5 0001909all-seater 
ITAASD Stasia SoccerFootballSant'AnastasiaStadio A. De Cicco4 000-all-seater 
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