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Stadiums in Italy
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
ITAPescara CalcioFootballPescaraStadio Adriatico24 4001955all-seater 
ITAChieti CalcioFootballChietiStadio Guido Angelini12 7501970all-seater 
ITAL'Aquila CalcioFootballL'AquilaStadio Tommaso Fattori10 0001933all-seater 
ITATeramo CalcioFootballTeramoNuovo Stadio Comunale7 4982008all-seater 
ITACastel di SangroFootballCastel di SangroStadio Teofilo Patini7 2201996all-seater 
ITASS LancianoFootballLancianoStadio Guido Biondi6 4001961all-seater 
ITAASD Vastese Calcio 1902FootballVastoStadio Aragona5 3741931all-seater 
ITAGiulianova CalcioFootballGiulianovaStadio Rubens Fadini4 6501924all-seater 
ITASedima RosetoBasketballRosetoPalaMaggetti4 0002003all-seater 
ITAMulti-useMulti-useFrancavilla M.Stadio Comunale4 0001972all-seater 
ITANavigo.it TeramoBasketballTeramoPalaScapriano3 5001980all-seater 
ITAChieti BasketBasketballChietiPalaLeombroni3 0001980all-seater 
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