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Stadiums in Germany
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
DEUHertha BSCFootballBerlinOlympiastadion74 0641936all-seater 
DEU1. FC Union BerlinFootballBerlinStadion an der Alten Försterei21 71719203 807 
DEUTürkiyemsporFootballBerlinF.L. Jahn Sportpark19 7081951all-seater 
DEUBerlin AdlerAmerican FootballBerlinF.L. Jahn Sportpark19 7081951all-seater 
DEUAlba BerlinBasketballBerlinO2 World Arena14 5002008all-seater 
DEUEisbären BerlinIce-hockeyBerlinO2 World Arena14 2002008all-seater 
DEUTennis Borussia BerlinFootballBerlinMommsenstadion12 79519301 719 
DEUSC CharlottenburgFootballBerlinMommsenstadion12 79519301 719 
DEUBerliner FC DynamoFootballBerlinStadion im Sportforum12 40019702 400 
DEUCycling-useCyclingBerlinBerlin Velodrome12 0001999all-seater 
DEUBerlin AK 07FootballBerlinPoststadion10 00019292 200 
DEUSV Lichtenberg 47FootballBerlinHans Zoschke Stadion9 00019521 000 
DEUTSV Helgoland 97FootballBerlinVolksparkstadion Mariendorf9 000-nil 
DEUMariendorfer SVFootballBerlinVolksparkstadion Mariendorf9 000-nil 
DEUBSC Preussen BerlinIce-hockeyBerlinDeutschlandhalle8 764-- 
DEUALBA BERLINBasketballBerlinMax Schmeling Halle8 5001996all-seater 
DEUSD Croatia BerlinFootballBerlinFriedrich Ebert Stadion8 0001936100 
DEUViktoria 89FootballBerlinFriedrich Ebert Stadion8 0001936100 
DEUBSV HeinersdorfFootballBerlinKissingen Stadion8 000-nil 
DEUWittenauer SCFootballBerlinStadion Wittenau8 000-500 
DEUBerliner SC AmateureFootballBerlinStadion Zülichauer Straße8 000-320 
DEUBFC Südring 1935FootballBerlinStadion Zülichauer Straße8 000-320 
DEUSwimming-useSwimmingBerlinOlympia-Schwimmstadion7 6001935all-seater 
DEUDJK Schwarz-WeissFootballBerlinStadion Britz Süd6 000-nil 
DEUFC Karlshorst 1995FootballBerlinStadion im FEZ6 000-1 800 
DEUHertha BSC IIFootballBerlinOlympiapark Amateurstadion5 40020041 100 
DEUHertha 03 ZehlendorfFootballBerlinErnst Reuter Sportanlage5 00019541 000 
DEUIce-skating-useIce-skatingBerlinHöhenschonhausen5 0001985all-seater 
DEUAlemannia 90 WackerFootballBerlinWackerplatz5 000-100 
DEUBFC PreussenFootballBerlinPreussen Stadion5 0001937400 
DEUSSC Teutonia 1899FootballBerlinStadion Hakenfelde5 000-1 000 
DEUFV WannseeFootballBerlinStadion Wannsee5 000-nil 
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