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Stadiums in France
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
FRACS SedanFootballSedanStade Louis Duguaguez23 1892000all-seater 
FRAStade de ReimsFootballReimsStade Auguste Delaune21 6842008all-seater 
FRAES Troyes ACFootballTroyesStade de l'Aube20 400195613 086 
FRACO St-DizierFootballSt-DizierStade Marcel Jacquin6 990-2 900 
FRAOFC CharlevilleFootballCharlevilleStade des Petits-Bois4 000-2 500 
FRAReims Champagne BasketBasketballReimsComplexe Sportif René Tys3 000-all-seater 
FRAEspé Chalons/ChampagneBasketballC. ChampagnePalais des Sports2 880-all-seater 
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