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Stadiums in the
Faroe Islands
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
FROHB TórshavnFootballTórshavnGundadalur Stadium8 020-3 000 
FROB 36 TórshavnFootballTórshavnGundadalur Stadium8 020-3 000 
FROFram TórshavnFootballTórshavnGundadalur Stadium8 020-3 000 
FRONational TeamFootballTórshavnTórsvøllur Stadium7 0002000all-seater 
FRONational TeamFootballToftirSvangaskard Stadium7 000-all-seater 
FROKÍ KlaksvíkFootballKlaksvíkKÍ Stadium3 000-- 
FROVikingur GøtaFootballGøtaSerpugerdi Stadium3 000-- 
FROVB VágurFootballVágurVesturi á Eidinum Stadium3 000-- 
FROIF FuglafjørdurFootballFuglafjørdurFuglafjørdur Stadium3 000-- 
FROSkála SkálaFootballSkálaSkála Stadium2 000-- 
FROTB TvøroyriFootballTvøroyriSevmýra Stadium2 000-- 
FRONSÍ RunavíkFootballRunavíkRunavík Stadium2 000-- 
FROB71 SandurFootballSandurSandur Stadium2 000-- 
FROSÍF SandavágurFootballSandavágurSandavágur Stadium2 000-- 
FROFS VórgarFootballSandavágurSandavágur Stadium2 000-- 
FRORoyn HvalbaFootballHvalbaHvalba Stadium2 000-- 
FROLÍF LeirvíkFootballLeirvíkLeirvík Stadium2 000-- 
FROSÍ SørvágurFootballSørvágurSørvágur Stadium2 000-- 
FROAB ArgirFootballArgirArgir Stadium2 000-- 
FROB68 ToftirFootballToftirArtificial Field2 000-700 
FROSumba ÍFFootballSumbaá Krossinum Stadium1 000-- 
FROMB MidvágurFootballMidvágurMidvágur Stadium1 000-- 
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