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Stadiums in the
Czech Republic
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
CZESK Slavia PrahaFootballPragueStadion Eden21 0002008all-seater 
CZEAC Sparta PrahaFootballPragueGenerali Arena20 5651933all-seater 
CZEHorse Racing-useHorse-RacingMostHipodrom Most20 00019975 000 
CZENational StadiumFootballPragueEvzena Rosickeho19 3361935all-seater 
CZEFK TepliceFootballTepliceNa Stínadlech Stadion18 4281973all-seater 
CZEBaník OstravaFootballOstravaBazaly Stadion18 0201959all-seater 
CZEFotbal TrinecFootballTrinecLesni Stadion18 000-all-seater 
CZEHC Slavia PrahaIce-HockeyPragueO2 Arena17 3602004all-seater 
CZEFC Baník OstravaFootballOstravaMestský Stadion15 2752015all-seater 
CZEMFK VitkoviceFootballOstravaMestský Stadion15 2752015all-seater 
CZEHorse Racing-useHorse-RacingPragueVelka Chuchle14 80019204 800 
CZEHC Sparta PrahaIce-HockeyPragueTesla Arena14 660196211 660 
CZEViktoria PlzenFootballPlzenDoosan Arena13 0001955all-seater 
CZESigma OlomoucFootballOlomoucAndruv Stadion12 5411940all-seater 
CZE1. FC BrnoFootballBrnoNa Srbské Stadion12 50019527 950 
CZEFK Válcovny PlechuFootballFrýdek-MístekStovky Stadion12 200-2 200 
CZESwimming-useSwimmingPraguePlavecký Stadion Podolí11 8531956all-seater 
CZESK BuldociFootballKarlovy VaryFotbalovy Stadion11 000-- 
CZEHC PardubiceIce-HockeyPardubiceCEZ Aréna10 19420018 704 
CZESki-jumping-useSki-jumping-useLiberecJested Ski Jump10 0001950- 
CZESlovan LiberecFootballLiberecU Nisy Stadion10 000-all-seater 
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