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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
HRVNational StadiumMulti-useZagrebStadion Maksimir37 1681912all-seater 
HRVNK Dinamo ZagrebFootballZagrebStadion Maksimir37 1681912all-seater 
HRVNK LokomotivaFootballZagrebStadion Maksimir37 1681912all-seater 
HRVHNK Hajduk SplitFootballSplitStadion Poljud34 4481979all-seater 
HRVNK OsijekFootballOsijekStadion Gradski Vrt19 2201980all-seater 
HRVIndoor SportsIndoor SportsZagrebZagreb Arena15 2002009all-seater 
HRVHNK CibaliaFootballVinkovciStadion Cibalije12 10819666 058 
HRVNK ZagrebFootballZagrebStadion Kranjceviceva12 00019214 000 
HRVNK KarlovacFootballKarlovacBranko Cavlovic-Cavlek12 0001975- 
HRVIndoor SportsIndoor SportsSplitSpaladium Arena10 9412009all-seater 
HRVHNK RijekaFootballRijekaStadion Kantrida10 1551958all-seater 
HRVNK Kamen IngradFootballVelikaSRC Kamen Ingrad10 0001999all-seater 
HRVNK VarteksFootballVarazdinStadion Andjelko Herjavec10 0001931all-seater 
HRVNK IstraFootballPulaStadion Aldo Drozina9 078-all-seater 
HRVKK ZadarBasketballZadarDvorana Kresimir Cosic8 0002008all-seater 
HRVHNK SibenikFootballSibenikStadion Subicevac8 00019482 500 
HRVNK RadnikFootballVelika GoricaStadion Radnika8 000-- 
HRVRNK SplitFootballSplitPark Mladezi8 000-- 
HRVNK MarsoniaFootballSlavonski BrodStadion Kraj Save8 000-1 000 
HRVHNK SegestaFootballSisakGradski Stadion Sisak8 00019561 442 
HRVNK GOSKFootballDubrovnikStadion Lapad7 000-- 
HRVNK OrijentFootballRijekaStadion Krimeja7 000-- 
HRVKHL MedvescakIcehockeyZagrebDom Sportova6 50019726 358 
HRVRK LokomotivaHandballZagrebDom Sportova6 50019726 358 
HRVHNK Vukovar '91FootballVukovarStadion Gradski6 000-- 
HRVNK ImotskiFootballImotskiStadion Gospin Dolac6 000-- 
HRVNK MedjimurjeFootballCakovecStadion Mladost6 00019874 000 
HRVNK CakovecFootballCakovecStadion Mladost6 00019874 000 
HRVHNK GospicFootballGospicStadion Balinovac6 000-- 
HRVNK Sloboda VarazdinFootballVarazdinStadion SC Sloboda6 0001987all-seater 
HRVIndoor SportsIndoor SportsSplitArena S.C. Gripe Velika6 000-all-seater 
HRVNK ZadarFootballZadarStadion Stanovi5 8601979all-seater 
HRVIndoor SportsIndoor SportsVarazdinVarazdin Arena5 4002009all-seater 
HRVNK DugopoljeFootballDugopoljeStadion Hrvatski Vitezovi5 2002009all-seater 
HRVNK KoprivnicaFootballKoprivnicaStadion Gradski5 05419973 054 
HRVNK SamoborFootballSamoborStadion Gradski5 0001973- 
HRVNK InterFootballZapresicStadion Intera5 000-3 500 
HRVNK BelisceFootballBelisceStadion Gradski5 000-- 
HRVNK Hrvatski DragovoljacFootballZagrebNSC Stjepan Spajic5 0002000all-seater 
HRVKK CibonaBasketballZagrebArena Drazen Petrovic5 0001987all-seater 
HRVAthletics-useAthleticsZagrebSportski Park Mladost5 0001986all-seater 
HRVNK SolinFootballSolinStadion Pokraj Jadra5 000-3 500 
HRVNK Mladost PetrinjaFootballPetrinjaStadion Gradski5 0001987all-seater 
HRVNK Slaven BelupoFootballKoprivnicaStadion Gradski5 00019973 134 
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