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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
BLRNational StadiumMulti-useMinskDinamo Stadion34 0001954all-seater 
BLRFC Partizan MinskFootballMinskTraktor Stadion17 5861968all-seater 
BLRHC Dinamo MinskIce HockeyMinskMinsk Arena15 0862010all-seater 
BLRFC GomelFootballGomelCentral Stadion14 3072005- 
BLRFC BATE BorisovFootballBorisovBATE Arena12 8962013all-seater 
BLRFC Dinamo BrestFootballBrestDinamo Stadion10 3101987- 
BLRFC Lakamatiu-96 VitebskFootballVitebskDinamo Stadion8 144-- 
BLRFC Dnepr MogilevFootballMogilevSpartak Stadion7 990-- 
BLRHC ShinnikIce HockeyBabruyskBabruysk Arena7 1912008all-seater 
BLRFC Torpedo-BelAZ ZhodinoFootballZhodinoTorpedo Stadion6 5422012all-seater 
BLRFC Neman HrodnoFootballHrodnoNeman Stadion6 300-- 
BLRFootball-useFootballBorisovHaradzki Stadium5 4021963- 
BLRFC Slavia MazyrFootballMazyrYunost Stadion5 300-- 
BLRFC Torpedo-MAZ MinskFootballMinskTorpedo Stadion4 820-- 
BLRFC Naftan NavapolatskFootballNavapolatskAtlant Stadion4 522-- 
BLRFC LidaFootballLidaYunost Stadion4 500-- 
BLRFC Dinamo MinskFootballMinskDinamo-Yuni Stadion4 5002005- 
BLRFC Maladzechna 2000FootballMaladzechnaStadion Haradski4 312-- 
BLRFC Shakhtsyor SalihorskFootballSalihorskStroitel Stadion4 200-- 
BLRIce Skating-useIce-skatingMinskTrudovye Rezervy4 0751976- 
BLRIndoor SportsIndoor SportsBrestPalats Sportu Victoria3 7402006all-seater 
BLRFC Belshina BabruiskFootballBabruiskSpartak Stadion3 661-- 
BLRFC Savit MogilevFootballMogilevTorpedo Stadion3 500-- 
BLRIcehockey-useIce HockeyMinskMinskij Palats Sportu3 3111966all-seater 
BLRHK MogilevIce HockeyMogilevPalats Sportu Mogilev3 0482000all-seater 
BLRHK GomelIce HockeyGomelLodovij Palats Sportu2 7002000all-seater 
BLRHK Neman HrodnoIce HockeyHrodnoLodovij Palats Sportu2 5501991all-seater 
BLRIcehockey-useIce HockeyMolodechnoLodovij Palats Sportu2 2002011all-seater 
BLRIcehockey-useIce HockeyBaranovichiLodovij Palats Sportu2 1582009all-seater 
BLRFC Kommunalnik SlonimFootballSlonimYunost Stadion2 100-- 
BLRMetalurg ZhlobinIce HockeyZhlobinLodovij Palats Metalurg2 0182006all-seater 
BLRHK BrestIce HockeyBrestLodovij Palats Sportu2 0002000all-seater 
BLRHK VitebskIce HockeyVitebskLodovij Palats Sportu1 9001999all-seater 
BLRMHK YunostIce HockeyMinskLodovij Palats Sportu1 8231999all-seater 
BLRHK ShakhtarIce HockeySoligorskLodovij Palats Sportu1 7592008all-seater 
BLRKhimik-SKAIce HockeyNovopolotskPalats Sportu i Kulturu1 2501994all-seater 
BLRHK LidaIce HockeyLidaLodovij Palats Sportu1 0002010all-seater 
BLRHK Yunist MinskIce HockeyMinskKK HK Yunist Minsk1 0001976767 
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