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Stadiums in South Korea
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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
KORCheonan City FCSoccerCheonanBaekseok Stadium32 000200126 000 
KORMulti-useMulti-useNonsanNonsan Stadium25 0001997all-seater 
KORMulti-useMulti-useBoryeongBoryeong Stadium25 000199520 000 
KORCheonan FCSoccerCheonanOryong Stadium21 0001969all-seater 
KORMulti-useMulti-useAsanLee Sun Shin Stadium19 2832008all-seater 
KORYesan FCSoccerSeosanSeosan Stadium19 00020012 504 
KORMulti-useMulti-useGongjuGongju Stadium16 8001990all-seater 
KORMulti-useMulti-useHongseongHongju Stadium15 0001995all-seater 
KORMulti-useMulti-useDangjinDangjin Stadium11 7782006all-seater 
KORMulti-useMulti-useCheongyangCheongyang Stadium11 2001996- 
KORMulti-useMulti-useBuyeoBuyeo Stadium10 00020076 000 
KORMulti-useMulti-useYesanYesan Stadium10 0001989- 
KORMulti-useMulti-useGaeryongGaeryong Stadium9 1662012- 
KORBasketball-useBasketballCheonanYu Gwan-Sun Arena5 4822001all-seater 
KORMulti-useMulti-useGumsanGumsan Stadium5 0001997- 
KORMulti-useMulti-useChangwonChangwon University Ground4 000-all-seater 
KORSoccer-useSoccer-useCheonanCFC Main Stadium4 00020092 881 
KORIndoor SportsIndoor SportsGongjuBaekjae Arena3 7001991all-seater 
KORIndoor SportsIndoor SportsAsanLee Sun Shin Arena3 6922011all-seater 
KORIndoor SportsIndoor SportsSeosanSeosan Arena3 50020012 668 
KORSoccer-useSoccer-useJochiwonJochiwon Football Stadium3 5002004all-seater 
KORIndoor SportsIndoor SportsYangsanYangsan Arena3 4092000all-seater 
KORIndoor SportsIndoor SportsDangjinDangjin Arena3 30020032 282 
KORKookmin SaversBasketballCheonanJutaek Arena3 0001995all-seater 
KORMulti-useMulti-useCheonanBaekseok Aid Stadium3 0002001all-seater 
KORIndoor SportsIndoor SportsJochiwonSejong Civil Gymnasium3 00019932 668 
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