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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
MMRNational StadiumMulti-useYangonBogyoke Aung San Stadium40 000-- 
MMRYangon United FCFootballYangonBogyoke Aung San Stadium40 000-- 
MMRFootball-useFootballYangonThuwanna YTC Stadium32 0001985all-seater 
MMRNaypyidaw FCFootballNaypyidawWunna Theikdi Stadium32 0002012all-seater 
MMRMulti-useMulti-useMandalayMandalarthiri Stadium30 0002013all-seater 
MMRMulti-useMulti-useNaypyidawZayyarthiri Stadium30 0002012all-seater 
MMRYadanabon FCFootballMandalayBahtoo Memorial Stadium17 000-- 
MMRFootball-useFootballYangonPadonma Stadium13 500-100 
MMRMulti-useMulti-useMoulmeinMoulmein Stadium10 000-- 
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