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A 3 Tenant/use   City Stadium Capacity Built Seats  
KAZNational StadiumFootballAstanaAstana Arena30 0002009all-seater 
KAZFK AstanaFootballAstanaAstana Arena30 0002009all-seater 
KAZFC Kairat AlmatyFootballAlmatyTsentralnyi Stadium23 804-- 
KAZFC OrdabasyFootballShymkentMunaytpasova Stadium20 0001969- 
KAZFC ShakhtyorFootballKaragandyShakhtyor Stadium19 000-- 
KAZIce-skating-useIce-skatingAlmatyMedeo Stadium15 0001969- 
KAZFC Irtysh PavlodarFootballPavlodarTsentralny Stadium15 000-- 
KAZFC Spartak SemeiFootballSemeiSpartak Stadium15 000-- 
KAZFC AktobeFootballAktöbeTsentralnyi Stadium13 1611975- 
KAZFC TarazFootballTarazTsentralnyi Stadium12 5251976all-seater 
KAZFK Astana-1964FootballAstanaK. Munaytpasova12 343-- 
KAZFC KyzylzharFootballPetropavlAvangard Stadium12 0001967- 
KAZBolat FKFootballTemirtauMetallurg Stadium12 000-- 
KAZOkzhetpes FKFootballKökshetauTorpedo Stadium10 000-- 
KAZFC AtyrauFootballAtyrauMunayshy Stadium8 6601954- 
KAZFC VostokFootballÖskemenVostok Stadium8 500-- 
KAZFC TobolFootballKostanajTsentralnyi Stadium8 3232002- 
KAZFC AkzhayikFootballOralPetr Atoyan Stadium8 320-- 
KAZFC KaisarFootballKyzylordaGany Muratbayev Stadium7 3001968- 
KAZFC EkibastuzFootballEkibastuzShakhtyor Stadium6 3001970- 
KAZFC ZhetysuFootballTaldykorganZhetysu Stadium4 0001982- 
KAZFC KaspiyFootballAktauZhastar Stadium3 500-- 
KAZFootball-useFootballAlmatyKazGAU Stadium3 000-- 
KAZAktöbe-Jazh FKFootballAktöbeFerro Stadium3 000-- 
KAZLashyn FKFootballTarazZhastar Stadium3 000-- 
KAZAk-Bulak FKFootballTalgarPanfilov Stadium3 000-- 
KAZSunkar FKFootballKaskelenTauelsizdik 10 zhyldygy2 500-- 
KAZIle-Säulet FKFootballOtegen-BatyrFootball Land Almaty2 500-- 
KAZFC KazakhmysFootballSatpayevKazakhmys Stadium2 300-- 
KAZCSKA FKFootballAlmatyCSKA Stadium2 000-- 
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